The leading company in the field of construction nails

Junyangyuanyu concrete nails company founded in 1998, is the leading company in the field of construction metal fastener. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and sale metal concrete nails of all types and sizes.

In our products catalog you will find the concrete nails, finishing nails, roofing nails, siding nails, coiling nails, slate nails, box nails, clout nails, duplex head nails and screw nails. These nails in galvanized coating or uncoated (black). We also produce and sell decorative nails, nail plate and construction staples. We also propose and implement special steel nails, which effectively used in conditions of high loads and corrosive environments.

For more than 15 years we manufacture nails by special nail machine and operates own packing in workshop, so we can provide the nails in different packaging. The entire process comes under strict quality control.

Junyangyuanyu company has accumulated vast experience in the retail and wholesale of nails. Our sales consultants will pick up the right nails that is necessary for customers use in their work, as well as give advice on the choice for use in aggressive environments, under high loads and different climatic conditions.

In addition, we are always in stock the full range of concrete nail products, enabling our customers to make a purchase in one place and do not waste time on patrols. Junyangyuanyu are willing to cooperate with you, contact us now