The black concrete nails create rough and interior decorating

Five black concrete nails arranged in a fan-shaped pattern
Black concrete nails are widely used by carpenters, roofers and carpenters

Black concrete nails without anti-corrosion coating. The nails used in the construction, repair or manufacture of rough product are essential and the most simple . They are used to connect a variety of designs from rough wood structures, such as, formwork and scaffolding.

Black concrete nails are made from black carbon steel wires. We have several shank types for black concrete nails including smooth shank, ring shank, twisted shank, twilled shank. The head types of black concrete nails can be headless, round head. It offers good strength.

Nail Wire Diameter: 1.2mm to 8.8mm
Nail Length: 16mm to 310mm, standard sizes 150, and rare 200 and 300.
Finish: not have protective coating

Two black casing nails and two roofing nails
Black concrete nails - casing nails with small head and roofing nails with large head
7 coils of black nails
Black nails in coils

We offer black concrete nails with the following dimension:

Nail diameter Nail length (mm)   Nail diameter Nail length (mm)
1.2mm 16, 20, 25   3.5mm 90, 100
1.4mm 25, 30, 32, 40   4.0mm 100, 120
15mm 30, 35, 40   4.2mm 75, 100, 125
1.6mm 25, 32, 40   5.0mm 120, 150
1.8mm 32, 40, 50   6.0mm 150, 180, 200
2.0mm 20, 25, 30, 40, 50   7.6mm 250, 260,
2.5mm 25, 30, 40, 50, 60   8.0mm 250, 280, 300
3.0mm 30, 40, 50, 70, 80, 90, 100   8.8mm 300, 310

Packing of Black Concrete Nails:

  • 20-25KG/Carton in Bulk
  • 20-25KG/Wooden Box in Bulk
  • 100Pieces/Box Then Cartons
  • 500Gram/Box 40Boxes/Paper Carton

Production process
Modern apparatus for manufacturing nails completely automated and is a complex of several units assembled under one housing. Production of black nail the following stages : wire size specified from the bay by mangle the machine is fed into the nail unit is fixed and special grips cut to desired length . On the resulting workpiece using Upset slide is forming the cap and the tip of the stump . The nail is ready .

The black concrete nails application
popularity in the use of nails were black due to the low cost and ease of installation. Used for fixing the ordinary hammer. Construction black nails are widely used by carpenters, roofers and carpenters, as well as to create temporary connections and interior decorating for fastening wooden parts not exposed to moisture (internal structure, floors).

Today, this type of nail remains the undisputed leader in securing jobs and competitive price levels will only strengthen his position.

The disadvantage of black nails:
Due to the lack of galvanizing, these nails are easily prone to corrosion. Because of the instability of corrosion, their use in high humidity is undesirable. Also black construction nails do not apply in cases where the need is great appearance of the finished product.

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