Box nails with smooth thin shank reduces wood splitting

Box nails are similar to common nails but have a slimmer shank and have less holding power. Box nail is used on lighter pieces of wood and on boxes, and also used for installing clapboard siding. They are especially good for this application because the thinner nail tends to crack the siding less. The nail also has a slightly larger head, which helps the nail keep the siding in place, even when the sun and temperature might cause the wood to shrink or swell somewhat.

Bright box nails

Box nails are most often used with a galvanized coating on them, so that they will stand up to the weather better.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized coated against rust and corrosion
Smooth thin shank reduces splitting
Nails have flat heads and diamond points

For general construction, carpentry, framing and box making
Approved for exterior use with all types of treated lumber

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