Clout nails with big flat head fix roofing sheets without damage

Clout nails, sometimes called felt nails or roofing nails, are one of the most commonly used types of concrete nails. They usually have a short shank and an enlarged flat head. This nails used to secure the soft sheet materials to the wood sheathing. For a more secure attachment, it is recommended to use in conjunction with nails tin tape.

There are different types of clout nails. Some are smooth, while others have annular rings on the shank, making them more resistant to being pulled out. The ringed type of clout nail is commonly recommended for roofing and exterior siding applications, because they make the construction more resistant to high winds.

A black clout nail and five galvanized clout nails
Black and galvanized clout nails with large head
Coil nails of galvanized clout nail
Coil nails of galvanized clout nail used for exterior and interior woodworking and building purposes


  • Clout nails can be used for a wide variety of exterior and interior woodworking and building purposes, like furniture repair, cabinet making, fastening roof shingles, as well as box and crate construction. One common use for these nails is to fasten sheet metal to wood, for example when metal is used for siding or roofing.
  • Clout nails - nails are designed for fixing roofing sheets made of soft material, such as tar paper or roofing felts, cardboard and plywood. Flat head and a big hat helps to keep thin materials without damaging them.

This type of nail is available in a range of lengths and sizes.
Materials: low carbon steel, aluminum, copper, iron, and stainless steel.
Finish: Galvanized with a protective coating.
Clout nails diameter from 2.0mm to 3.75mm, length 20mm to 100mm.

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