Copper nails and brass nails anti-corrosion for copper roof install

Copper nail is made of copper wires of different diameters, a rod with a pointed end and a flat base as a cap. Nails are made of copper are common in construction, especially when installing copper roof and parts of the copper.

Copper nails are not subject to corrosion, thus they serve for many years. In laying copper roofing nails, copper plays a very important role: they can copper roof is attached to a wooden crate . In this regard, the installation is not necessary to save the fastening elements such as copper tacks. Copper nails can be used in the manufacture of furniture and other industries involved in the processing of wood products.

Brass nails made of high quality brass alloy are also available in our factory. They are used for furniture restoration, where appearance and material are important. Brass is resistant to corrosion, so the nails can be used for furniture, designed for rooms with high humidity.

A bunch of copper nails have large flat head and sharp point
Copper nails with large flat head used for installing copper roof
A brass nails cover screw nail, casing nail, twist, groove and plain shank nails Brass screw nails
Brass nails in different style - screw nail, twist shank nails, casing nail, and large or small head nails
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