Decorative nails in a variety of beautiful appearance and sizes

Decorative nails also called decorative furniture nails are used for the upholstery of furniture, doors and other wooden structures soft furnishings. Typically, decorative nails are with thin rod and a broad hat. It is recommended that to use a hammer or mallet with decorative nails in order to not damage the upholstery.

Materials: a general purpose steel wire with zinc coated or uncoated, copper steel wire.

Decorative furniture nails are widely used in the furniture industry and interior decoration. In some cases, they are used for laying flooring, fixing of window, door. Decorative nails are also used for decorative works with leather, imitation leather and cloth.

We manufacture a variety of decorative nails, see as following picture:

Many decorative nails are made from brass, copper and galvanized steel wire
Decorative nails with different shank style and different head style made from galvanized steel wire, copper wire and brass wire. Used for laying flooring, leather and cloth decoration.

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