Duplex head nails with zinc coated or black form 2 7/64 inch to 5 inch

Duplex head nails, also called scaffolding nails, get their name from the two layers on the head of the nail. This keeps the nail from being driven completely into a surface. This may seem odd, but not if you want to pull the nail back out again in the near future. When scaffolds are assembled, it is not usually supposed to be permanent, so these nails are often used and reused. Forms for foundations and temporary hurricane barriers over windows are other common uses for duplex nails.

Duplex head makes it easier to remove and pull out of the form boards or other temporary construction. So, Duplex head nails are a specialty nail useful for scaffolding frame work and other temporary construction.
For example, used for form work when pouring concrete. Let's say you were setting up a form for pouring a section of sidewalk. You'd use this type nails to connect the forms together.

Diameter: 11.5 gauge - 5 gauge
Length: 2 7/64 inch - 5 inch
Material: Q195, Q235
Finish: Bright, Galvanized, Black
Packing specification: Bulk (25kgs/box) or according to customer request.

Duplex head nails sizes
Nails diameter (Gauge No.) Length inch Approx. Number Per Lb
11 1/2 2 7/64 847
10 1/4 2 5/8 543
9 3 6/13 294
8 3 1/2 254
6 4 1/64 167
5 4 37/64 150
5 5 136
Length is from the point to the underside of the lower head.
Four galvanized coated duplex head nails on white background
Galvanized duplex head nails used for scaffolding frame work and temporary construction
Severn bright duplex head nails
Bright duplex head nails size from 2 inch to 5 inch
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