Galvanized concrete nails offer anti-corrosion and good strength

Galvanized concrete nails are designed for outdoor installation of wooden elements, since they are less prone to corrosion due to galvanic zinc coating. May also be used for interior and finishing work.

Galvanized construction nails are the most common and practical. Almost every construction phase requires galvanized nails - without them can not be any repairs or construction. Our company offers a huge range of different nails intended to deal with any situations. Most often on the market are made of steel, brass and bronze nails, but galvanized nails very popular among the professionals. Nails without galvanized types are used in closed spaces, and the zinc nails used in the public and external works, since galvanized nails is a reliable and effective way to bond wooden and other elements.

A galvanized concrete nail
Galvanized concrete nails
Coil nails from galvanized concrete nail
Galvanized concrete nails coil

Galvanized concrete nails are used in construction such as the combination of any wooden structures. A coating of zinc allows their use in outdoor, as well as almost any painting, decorating and finishing construction work.

Galvanized concrete nails diameter from 1.2mm to 6.1mm, length from 16mm to 200mm.

Items Diameter (mm) × Length (mm)   Items Diameter (mm) × Length (mm)
GCN1216 1.2 × 16mm GCN2560 2.5 × 60mm
GCN1220 1.2 × 20mm GCN3070 3.0 × 70mm
GCN1225 1.2 × 25mm GCN3080 3.0 × 80mm
GCN1425 1.4 × 25mm GCN3450 3.4 × 50mm
GCN1432 1.4 × 32mm GCN3590 3.5 × 90mm
GCN1625 1.6 × 25mm GCN3865 3.8 × 65mm
GCN1630 1.6 × 30mm GCN4010 4.0 × 100mm
GCN1632 1.6 × 32mm GCN4275 4.2 × 75mm
GCN1640 1.6 × 40mm GCN4510 4.5 × 100mm
GCN1832 1.8 × 32mm GCN4880 4.8 × 80mm
GCN1840 1.8 × 40mm GCN4890 4.8 × 90mm
GCN1850 1.8 × 50mm GCN4012 4.0 × 120mm
GCN1860 1.8 × 60mm GCN5012 5.0 × 120mm
GCN2040 2.0 × 40mm GCN5015 5.0 × 150mm
GCN2050 2.0 × 50mm GCN6118 6.1 × 180mm
GCN2550 2.5 × 50mm GCN6120 6.1 × 200mm

Twilled Shank Galvanized Concrete Nails

Concrete nails with twilled shanks are made of high quality carbon steel. It offers good corrosion resistance and good strength. With round nail caps and twilled shanks.

Galvanized Steel Concrete Nails (Twilled Shank) size diameter × length
1.8 × 20mm 2 × 25mm 3 × 40mm 3.4 × 50mm 3.8 × 65mm
4.2 × 75mm 4.57 × 100mm 4.8 × 80mm 4.8 × 90mm 5 × 125mm
Six twilled shank galvanized concrete nails
Twilled shank galvanized concrete nails
Five headless galvanized headless nails ranged from long to short
Headless galvanized concrete nails

Headless galvanized concrete nails

This type of iron nails is made of cold drawn high quality carbon steel materials with heavy galvanized, having smooth shank and no head.

Common specification of concrete nails with no head (Nail diameter × Length)
1.6mm × 20mm 1.6mm × 25mm 1.7mm × 30mm 2.0mm × 40mm 2.0mm × 50mm
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