Concrete Nails
Concrete nails connect the wooden elements and structures, smooth, ring, twisted or twilled shank and flat head or headless nails in galvanized and black finish
Black Concrete Nails
Black concrete nails without anti-corrosion coating, including smooth shank, ring shank, twisted shank, twilled shank. Nail dia. 1.2-8.8mm, length 16-310mm.
Galvanized Concrete Nails
Galvanized concrete nails are used in outdoor for decorating and finishing construction work. Covers twilled shank and no head galvanized concrete nails
Box Nails
Box nails have a slimmer shank and less holding power, used for boxes making. Its smooth thin shank reduces splitting, zinc coated against rust and corrosion.
Common Nails
Common nails are the most commonly used construction nails, with a wide flat head having a smooth or textured surface and a sharp diamond shaped point.
Bullet Head Nails
Bullet head nails with small head are suitable for framing, planking and cabinetwork, formwork construction, fixing particle boards and cabinet making.
Casing Nails
Casing nails is similar to a finishing nail but has a slightly thicker shaft and a cone-shaped head, hot and electro galvanized casing nail offered length 1-1/2 in. to 4 in.
Clout Nails
Clout nails with short shank and large flat head, used for fixing roofing felts, cardboard and plywood with nails tin tape. Galv. and stainless steel available.
Coil Nails
Coil nails by pneumatic gun used for wood packaging and laying out the roof shingles that require high strength, allow you to quickly and accurately finish work
Copper Nails
Copper nail is anti-corrosion used for installing copper roof and parts of the copper, and in furniture manufacture. Brass nails also offered.
Duplex Head Nails
Duplex head nails, double head makes it easier to remove and pull out. Duplex nails are specialty useful for scaffolding frame and temporary construction.
Finishing Nails
Finishing nails are used in siding and finishing work, small head makes the nails invisible after beaten, from low carbon wire with zinc coated or bright.
Roofing Nails
Roofing nails designed to fix the roofing materials to the wooden base, in flat or umbrella head and smooth or twisted shank, galvanized and black available
Screw Nails
Screw nail has greater holding power excellent for flooring, pallets and construction, easier to remove than a ring shank nail, galvanized and black both offered
Siding Nails
Siding nails with ring shank for extra holding power used for wooden and construction work, galvanized or black, flat or conical head offered.
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