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Galvanized and black concrete nails are essential in construction

Junyangyuanyu company specializes in suppling integrated solutions of construction and woodworking industries engaged in the manufacture of wooden containers and packaging. We manufacture high-quality and high-performance concrete nails in a wide variety of types and sizes.

According to the different materials and finish, there are hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, uncoated (black), acid-resistant and copper.

Black concrete nails without anti-corrosion coating. The nails used in the construction, repair or manufacture of rough product is essential and the most simple . They are used to connect a variety of designs from rough wood structures, such as, formwork and scaffolding.

Galvanized concrete nails are designed for outdoor installation of wooden elements, decorating and finishing construction work, since they are anti-corrosion, anti-rust due to zinc coating. galvanized nails very popular among the professionals.

What types of nails Junyangyuanyu can supply?

Common nails are popular for general rough framing and construction, so also called "framing nails". These nails have a thick shank and a wide flat head having a smooth or textured surface and has a sharp diamond shaped point.

Screw nails are used most often for fixing bendable designs, such as the floor, dock, various bridges. What is important to note , screw nail has a strength of four times greater than conventional construction nail.

Roofing nails, suitable for fixing roof structures and materials, has a rather large hat that could securely hold bonding material and eliminates the possibility of a breakthrough.

For attaching a variety of boards, siding, window and door linings as well as when working with decorative materials should use finishing nail. It has small head so not to break the original design. Available in carpentry nails of low-carbon steel, the nature of the coating - uncoated and galvanized, copper-clad and brass plating.

Duplex head nail with a double head is easily removed. It is very popular among gardeners and greenhouse owners. And it is ideal for connecting temporary construction structures.

Clout nail has a very large flat hat, which holds a thin material without damaging it and protecting it from gaps in the joint.

Siding nails have very high holding power. After a nail is hammered, it is very difficult to pull out. Trying to pull siding nails out, it usually just breaks off. They have flat or conical head.

Slate nail has one important structural difference with other construction nails. Its cap with larger diameter made from galvanized sheet and it is not the one with the steel nail. As the name implies, slat nail is used for fixing slate and similar roofing materials.

Copper nails and decorative nails are usually used for a furniture manufacturing or decorative finishing jobs.

In addition, box nails, bullet head nails, casing nails, coil nails and nail plate are all in our manufacture rang.

How to mark nails?

Marked nails with two numbers, and the first number in the marking is the diameter of the nail rod, and the second is the length of the nail in millimeters or "d".

What does "d" mean? (PENNY-INCH equivalents)

2d = 1", 3d = 1-1/4", 4d = 1-1/2", 5d = 1-3/4", 6d = 2", 7d = 2-1/4", 8d = 2-1/2", 9d = 2-3/4", 10d = 3", 12d = 3-1/4", 16d = 3-1/2", 20d = 4", 30d = 4-1/2", 40d = 5", 50d = 5-1/2", 60d = 6", 70d = 7", 80d = 8".

Junyangyuanyu company has accumulated vast experience in the retail and wholesale of nails. we manufacture nails by special nail machine and operates own packing in workshop. And every process under strict quality control, which ensure our products in high quality. Our sales consultants will pick up the right nails for you, as well as give advice on the choice. Junyangyuanyu are willing to cooperate with you, contact us now nails@concrete-nails.com.

Hot Products

    Concrete Nails

  • Concrete nails connect the wooden elements and structures, smooth, ring, twisted or twilled shank and flat head or headless nails in galvanized and black finish

    Black Concrete Nails

  • Black concrete nails without anti-corrosion coating, including smooth shank, ring shank, twisted shank, twilled shank. Nail dia. 1.2-8.8mm, length 16-310mm.

    Galvanized Concrete Nails

  • Galvanized concrete nails are used in outdoor for decorating and finishing construction work. Covers twilled shank and no head galvanized concrete nails

    Box Nails

  • Box nails have a slimmer shank and less holding power, used for boxes making. Its smooth thin shank reduces splitting, zinc coated against rust and corrosion.